Mother’s Day Tea Box Includes:


* Seven assorted finger sandwiches

* Three assorted tea cakes

* A berry scone with sweet cream

* Chicken salad (our most popular homemade recipe)

* Tea Pot Box with two assorted tea flavors.

* Grape Clusters

* Personalized note, per customer request

* Single-use, decorative tea party cup and saucer, plate, and utensils.


A poem that reads:


“I had a little tea party

This afternoon at three

Twas very small-

Three guests in all-

Just I, myself and me.


Myself ate all the sandwiches.

While I drank all the tea

Twas also I who ate the pie

And passed the cake to me.”


- Jessica Nelson North North

Mother's Day At Home

  • Your in-store Mother's Day Tea is available for pick-up at Sweet-Tea Celebrations for FREE. For home delivery in the Greater Tampa Bay area, there is a $10 delivery fee.  Because we wish to safely, sanitarily, and accurately deliver your gift, please provide detailed delivery instructions.

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