Internationally renowned Darjeeling teas come to us from the area in and around Darjeeling, a Himalayan town in the state of West Bengal in eastern India. The soil and climatic conditions that exist here create teas that are treasured for their exquisite taste. Often referred to as the "Champagne of teas", Darjeeling teas are so prized that the government there created a special logo that certifies that the teas bearing this logo were actually grown in this beautiful mountain terrain. These teas have a complex and delicate flavor that marries well with custard, eggs, grilled fish, curries and fresh fruit.

Our standard Darjeeling Black Tea is a blend of teas from all around the Darjeeling area, which are blended to create a consistent taste profile. These medium sized tea leaves brew to a dark amber cup and have a sweet musky smell with a smooth, medium body and pleasing citral tones that are bold but not overpowering.

Brew tea at 205-212º - steep for 3 minutes.


*sold by the ounce